A testament to the beauty of imperfection, our Dulcis accent table features a polished white marble and a hand-distressed, antique gold finish.
Each stroke of the signature Renovation Factory’s hammered metal textures imbues the metal with a unique character, which cherishes the beauty of imperfections and the art of handcrafted creations.
From being placed in dining halls to being a versatile addition in your living room, it is indeed a prized possession!

  • 12" L x 12" B x 25" H
  • Material: Mild Steel / White Banswara Marble
  • Marble Inset: 15 MM
  • Weight- 2.62 Kg
  • Wipe metal and coloured glass with soft dry cloth. We do not recommend using harsh household chemicals to avoid discolouration and distressing of surface.

  • Clean clear glass, mirrored and marble surface with mild everyday cleaner and wipe with soft dry cloth.

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